Do you suffer from a broken tooth? Do you shy away from the public due to a tooth gap? Well, gone are the days when you had to sit back with a tooth gap or a broken tooth or a crooked tooth for years. Today, you can mend them. Yes, you read it right. One of the best ways to prevent yourself from the shame of a tooth gap is to fix dentures. Over the years, medical science has reached greater heights. People associated with the dental industry have understood these problems of the people and have come up with a steady solution.

Indeed, dentures are like false teeth. Now, when we refer to them as false teeth, people have a notion of those false teeth that they saw their grandmothers wearing. However, the concept of false teeth now is very different from the ones that you had seen previously. Today, dentures are a more comfortable option. Now, when you wear dentures, you will barely feel anything on your teeth. Furthermore, the natural look of the dentures makes it difficult to differentiate from your original teeth.

One of the biggest problems that people face after installing dentures is maintaining them. You will come across some people who struggle to keep their dentures intact. If you are suffering from the same issue, we have a solution for you. In this blog, we will share with you the different ways to prevent dentures from breaking. Therefore, without further delay, let’s get started with the details of the blog.

Why do dentures break?

Before you get into the emergency denture repair in London, it is essential to figure out the causes of breaking. Whenever you face any medical emergency, it is necessary to find out its causes first. The moment you can get into the roots, half the battle is won. Given below are some common causes of denture breaking.

  1. Ill-fitted dentures are susceptible to breakage

In some cases, you will find that the dentures do not fit your teeth gap properly. Either they appear too loose or extremely tight. As a result, they tend to fall off anytime. Now, you might wonder if the dentist measures the dentures, then, why does this happen? This is because the shape of the mouth of people undergoes various changes. Ill-fitted dentures can not only make it uncomfortable for you but also lead to the development of painful sores inside the mouth.

  1. Dropping dentures

Sometimes, dentures simply fall off the fixture and break down. Every time you take out a denture from your mouth, it has a tendency of breaking. So, we recommend people using dentures be extra careful, especially when they are taking out and fixing dentures. When you drop a denture from your mouth, generally, it breaks from the middle. One of the essential rules of using dentures is to soak them in water every night. When you are sinking the denture in the water, make sure to be as gentle as possible. Otherwise, it can break.

  1. Wear and tear of dentures over time

With time, wearing dentures can result in wear and tear. This does not happen overnight. Instead, it is a gradual process that happens slowly. When you use dentures for a long period of time, it undergoes a lot of stress. Besides, the denture faces temperature shifts and rigorous pressure due to chewing food.

  1. Accidents and injury

Another potential cause of broken dentures is an accident. Sometimes, you might fall off in a way that leads to denture breakage. Even if you experience a sudden push or motion, your dentures can fall off your mouth and break. If you have to prevent this, keep your dentures in a protective case.

How to prevent dentures from breaking?

Now that you know the potential causes of broken dentures, it is time to figure out the ways by which you can prevent this damage. Indeed, dentures are delicate. So, you have to be extra careful when dealing with dentures. Even though you consider the wear and tear of the dentures, you can keep them safe and secure if you follow these rules as explained below:

  • Be very careful when handling dentures

It takes just a few seconds for your dentures to slip off from the hands and fall to the ground. So, you have to be extra careful when using dentures. Never rush when handling dentures. Be conscious and focused while removing and installing dentures.

  • Use a soft towel when removing dentures

One of the best ways to prevent your dentures from breaking is to lay a bathroom towel below and then place the dentures. This prevents the denture from touching the hard floor surface and breaking. Also, it provides a soft landing place for dentures. This reduces the chance of cracking or breaking the dentures.

  • Do not forget to remove and rinse dentures after every meal

Every time you eat something, make sure to take off the dentures and then rinse your mouth. This is because the food particles remain stuck in the nooks and corners of the mouth and in between the teeth. Not cleaning the mouth after this can lead to the development of cavities and plaque. As a result, it can affect dentures as well. If you have to prevent this inside your mouth, you ought to remove the dentures and rinse your mouth after every meal.

  • Remove and soak dentures every night

When using dentures, one of the general rules of thumb is to soak the dentures in water. This softens the dentures and makes them more flexible. Also, it makes the dentures flexible enough to withstand all odds.

  • Stop wearing poorly fitted or broken dentures

Whenever you notice your denture has broken or is not fitting you properly, try to fix them immediately. Wearing faulty dentures can lead to dental and oral issues. The best would be to replace the broken ones with a new one.


So, dentures can be a good choice for your tooth gap. However, maintaining them can be a tedious task. But following the tips mentioned here can help you in the long run. Look for denture repair near you when you are struggling with a broken one must visit Emergency Dentist London.